Saturday, January 30, 2010

Double Digits and the Big Five~

Well its been a couple weeks now.. but my two youngest, Justice and Hunter had birthdays. We had a whole weekend of celebration! It was really groovy because in addition to Justice being here Preston and Rachel were here as well.

We got up on a Saturday morning and made a birthday cake for the boys. Todd cut out the plan and then Preston decorated it. It turned out awesome and it tasted soooo good! Rachel and I assisted in the whole process ;)....

Later that day we met with Jim, Melly and Aj and had dinner at Lotawata Creek at the boys request. The place is sooo yummy! A bit spendy but my oh my is it ever worth it and the wait!

Here are the photos for the whole day/evening if you want to take a look!

We got our eat on.. came back to the house and the boys did the birthday cake thing and they opened their gifts. Big hit was the Tony Hawk "RIDE" game that Aunt Melly and Uncle Jim got them. We spent the rest of the night playing that and eating cake.. having a good ol time! ;)

I cant believe my boys are growing up so fast. Sad, but happy all at the same time! ;)


Amie said...

what a GREAT cake!!!!

linda said...

That cake rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tobi would love a cake like that.

Cat said...

That cake is awesome!!!! ! I bet the boys love that game!

Kimmy said...

Is that the game where you are actually on a skateboard thing to play it? Looks cool.

Cake came out AWESOME!