Friday, December 11, 2009

I missed you!~

Well..hello there! Ive missed my blog. I kept coming by and lovingly looking at my blog, but unable to sit down and really write something..

Ive been THAT busy!

Work is killing me folks! If we dont get a new software program soon Im going to have to start spiking my coffee on a daily basis! We did however finallllly get rid of one of my employees who was giving the whole company fits! And that is putting it MILDLY! The day he left I actually cried tears of joy, relief... you name it.. oh yes it was a victorious day in my work life let me tell ya!

Hopefully this next week will end some of the madness and I can get back to a normal slow paced work schedule and work on some things Ive been lacking.. me time things.. like this blog and hopefully scrapbooking again!

oooo and I dooo remember that tomorrow is 12 of 12 and since its Saturday.. going to make the best of it... oh yessss I will!!! heheeee

ps: I did finally take a pic of me-self! ;) of course Im dying my hair darker for the winter tomorrow.. and hopefully getting a cut... so I guess I'll have to maybe take another huh? ;)

More to come tomorrow... promise!!! ;)


Amie said...

Oh Angi I'm sorry things have been so busy and rough! This season gets so doggone packed with parties and meetings and to-do lists and more!

I dyed my hair dark too. I'll post next week, you need to too!!

Cat said...

I've missed you so! We need to catch up soon! Big hugs and glad that dude is gone!

Kimmy said...

you always have the best bangs!