Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back on the Wagon~

Hunter, Preston & Justice

I am promising right now to be a better blogger! I have just gotten lost in the days and weeks passing by.. so much going on and no slowing down.. sleeping, eating and working.. just no in between time. Im missing out on LIFE!!!! Soooo... Im going to shake things up and start living again. If I can kick Todd in the butt it will help too Im sure.

Can you believe Im already thinking about a Thanksgiving menu and we still have 2 weeks until Halloween. But hey, I like to plan ahead. Im hoping that Preston and Rachel will make it up for Thanksgiving... they havent been up since Fourth of July. And Justice... lets talk about that lil fella.. I cant remember the last time he was here! So Im truly looking forward to family being around and very soon!

Ok, so what have I been up to?... Well lastttt weekend I went back home for Justice soccer game on Friday night. I had the day off and Hunter and I took off fairly early, drove through rain the whole way! We ended up going straight to my brothers {Neals} to see Amanda and the new baby Addison. We had a great little visit and I got to talk to the nieces about what they think about my brother and his wife getting stationed in Hawaii and how they are handling it and their plans.

Baby Addison

Later that night, I went to Dads and fixed him dinner.. then Hunter and I went and picked up Justice since the game got rained out. We watched movies and chatted. The next day me and the boys met up with Preston, Rachel and her Mom and little brother for lunch. It was a great time and we got to celebrate Rachels birthday {hers was the 3rd}, it was also a mini celebration for mine, if even only in my own mind. hahaa. I also ran into a cousin I hadnt seen in ages so that was nice too!
After lunch, the boys and I went out to Dads and they graciously let me take photos of them! That made my entire weekend dont ya know! We went in and got ready for my other brother Daniel to come out with his family to have a birthday party for his youngest JR.. who turned one on the 13th. hehee lots of October babies! :)

JR the birthay boy {ONE}

We wrapped up the weekend Sunday and headed home...

Todd has been hunting on the weekends-hence why he didnt travel with me.. yes its true.. Im a "hunting widow" from October-January. Bad thing this year he hasnt seen a thing yet. I keep hopin' for the "big one" for him, but not yet.

Todd in his deer stand

This past week was hell on earth at work. I wont even bore you with those details.. lets just say... as I told my boss {appropriately on Bosses Day}..."if things dont change... Im going to start drinking margaritas at lunch to get through my day." haha
and so all I wanted to do when I got home this week was kick back, play some online UNO.. {thanks to facebook} and relax.. blah! hahaa..

So, now you are caught up to this weekend! I will post more of that and pics tomorrow!

My sweet, sweet fall boys!


Amie said...

What handsome boys you have. And what a sweet baby picture of Addison! Don't worry about updating your blog--you are out livin' life and that's more important! (just peek back in every now and then to let us know what's up!)

Kimmy said...

Hey did you see this?
I totally thought of Hunter LOL

Cat said...

I love hearing about your trips!

linda said...

great photos. I can't believe that halloween is almost here, I also need to figure out what we are doing for thanksgiving.