Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Friend in Need~

ok.. so I know a lot of us out there have friends that we've met via the Internet now a days. Friends that are dear to our hearts for one reason or another, someone that you've not met in person. If you are a person that has such a good "net friend" you will understand the severity of hurt and other emotions that come with knowing that that special friend is in need... of whatever.

Knowing and understanding that your friend is going through a tough time and that you are unable to be there for them in person. It really stinks. I feel almost useless. But, I cant feel that way. I have to help in any way possible and one important way is to continue my support if even via the net.

I have one such hurting friend right now. Her name is Kylee and she is the sweetest thing. I met her via Twitter... and I cant even tell you why, but Ive just come to love that girl. She is going through a very rough time right now and needs all of our prayers, strength, hope and anything we can come up with. I know she would be eternally grateful for our thoughts and wishes and any help we can give.

Please visit
Kylees blog to read the story.. and pray or donate.. or email her a hug ... just anything. It would mean the world to me to do this for her, as I have been in her shoes and its not easy... but I do know with community and friends she will make it alright!

Thank you... sincerely...


Gina said...

I'll keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers!

linda said...

I will keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Angi your are a fantastic friend.