Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Summary~

Well as some of you know as of late I just havent felt like posting much or doing much. I think the build up at work from doing the billing, traveling back home last weekend and all of the things that have happened over the past week have just wore me out. It was time for a little break. I am, however, working very hard on getting back on track and updating a few things.

First off I would like to recognize the passing of Patrick Swayze. At the announcement of his death I did not feel sadness, only relief for he and his family. Ive known all along the strong facade he has put on as I have had a friend die of the very same cancer. It is painful and drastic and Im so sure that he is in a much better place. Tonight, watching the Emmys they paid tribute to him in the Memoriam and it hit me... I truly, truly will miss him and his craft. He was in fact the first "man" that I fell into "lust" with. I remember seeing Dirty Dancing at the theatre and thinking.. wow, he is hot.. and actually knowing what "hot" meant and that it was something I had never experienced.. he was "sexy". So, for him and his family I hope he is resting in peace!

Secondly.. this week has brought such emotion out of me. Ive had to discuss some serious issues and feelings that I didnt realize I had bottled up in me with my ex-husband {Justices Dad}. Im thankful to him that we can actually talk and work out anything and have always been able to. I feel so guilty for the way that I treated him while with him and even after for a couple of years. But Ive grown and hopefully he can see that and forgive me someday. As far as Justice goes, I have to keep re-enforcing how much I love him and how much I want to be a part of his life even though at this time Im having to live life 2 and half hours away from him.

With these explanations of how and why we have to live where we do and why we are... its such a heartbreaking ordeal... for me, for us and for Justice. But this week I was able to finally reveal with great certainty and excitement that we will be moving back home and closer to him within the next year. We have set a goal for putting our house up for sale by November 1st and selling and moving by next spring/summer. Our ultimate goal is to be moved and settled by the time school rolls around in the fall-which will be Hunters first year. I cannot tell you how excited I am to know that we will be living closer to all of my family and especially my sons. So, with a big decision like this there is anxiety, but overwhelming emotion and for me disbelief that it is finally going to happen!

Upon the heels of divulging our newest goal/life changing decision I got a call from my brother Neal that he has been given orders by the Army to move to Hawaii!!!! ... Yeah.. just when we decide to finally move, he is moving and FAR away........ hahaaa. We dont know for how long, but we know for sure that we are super excited for him.. What a great deal huh?! Im so happy for him and he will be assured that we will be back home waiting for him after his call of duty is over. In other news with him.. Amanda is STILL pregnant! haha.. Hopefully she will pop this week as Im going back home this next weekend and am hoping to sneak a peek at a new bundle of joy!

Soooo, I shall leave this longggg post with some crafty stuff that I have done recently. It may be the end of it for a very long time as Im planning on packing my scrapbooking stuff up until we are settled.. its just one less thing to do... I hope that I can do it without pulling out my hair!

The first photo is an altered photo frame that I did for a friend who just got married, 2nd photo is a card that I made using my new cherry tree stamps, 3rd photo is a birthday card I created with some embellishments that Ive had since I started scrapping 4 years ago hahaa.. and lastly.. this photo is of a huge cappuccino cup that I altered with rubons for Prestons g/f Rachel. I also made the card that is sitting inside of it.. hehee TFL!!!


Brooke said...

I'm sad that you're going to be packing your scrapbooking stuff. But, I know you will be so happy to be "home" again.

Cat said...

Those are some CUUUTTTTEEEE projects Ms. Angi! Anytime you can use old stash in new projects is great!

You know how I feel about the rest. :-)

linda said...

I love the cards, and am so happy that you are going to be able to move and be near the boys. Sending you lots of hugs my friends.

Angie said...

Wow, girl you have been going threw a lot. Sending you hugs. I love all your projects. Sorry you will be packing up all your supplies.