Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Bring on Fall!!!~

YAY... its the first day of September.. I just love it.. its beautiful outside and the weather is great... I just LOVE this time of year!!!!

Today is also my nieces birthday.. Aimee.. gosh I love ya girl!
In other news... The Nest has set up its new September Scrap Contest! Here are the deets~Ok, September is a celebration of our Labors.. so .. Id love it if you would base your layout on just that.. "The fruits of your labor"... "labor pains"... anything to do with labor!

Follow these rules as well!

L is for lace... use lace {material or paper} on your layout
A is for aged... distress somewhere on your layout
B is for buttons... use a button or two on your layout
O is for orange... use the color orange somewhere on your layout
R is for reminisce ... Journal your memories on your layout

All layouts are due to be emailed to me by midnight Sept. 30th. @ jinxi666@yahoo.com
A vote will be put up on October 1st!

Good Luck.. you are playing for a prize valued at $20.00 from YOUR favorite scrap company!!!!

I hope you have a great September and BRING ON FALL!!!! ;o)


Angie said...

I know just the pic to use for this. Now I just have to figure out what my problem is loggin in, I think I must have used a different password than I thought.LOL

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Angie.. I hope you figure it out.. maybe the authorization email went to your spam? Thats all we can think?.. Either way you can still email to me ;) hehe

Cheryl said...

Hi Angi, I tried to join your site and got the confirmation email and now I can't log in.

You changed the background of your cute blog again - I LIKE it!!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Arghh.. I dont know whats going on! ;o(

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Girls.. be sure to "activate" your account with the 2nd email that has a "key".. then you shouldnt have any problems. Thank you for understanding.. I hope you'll come back and visit more! :)

heather said...

the challenge sounds awesome! very creative

Kimmy said...

fall is my favorite too :)