Friday, September 04, 2009

Have a safe weekend!~

Well, I really havent had much chance or much to blog about this week. I havent been scrapping.. altho, I have been jotting down ideas and drawing out the sketches in hopes to get to scrap this long weekend hopefully.

Last weekend I had wanted to scrap, but we decided to take the day off and take Justice out to Cahokia Mounds to the museum and movie to learn about the Indians called "Mississippians" He is studying about the mounds in class. I thought wow, this is perfect we live so close! He was able to come away with more knowledge and a poster and brochure to take back to his class and share. Here is a pic of him pretending to be scared of the dog that was "running wild" on the reservation. He cracks me up! haha

In other news~
I changed my blog look YET AGAIN.. what do you think? ... I promise to leave this til the first of October.. hehee {unless I find it getting cooler outside.. and that will make me want something more fallish} ;) I think the flowers in the header and the roses just remind me of my Grandmas antiques. I miss her. I could just look at all of her antiques for days.. Just get lost in the design and beauty of the dishes she had.

This week Hunter has been studying safety with his playmates at "Sandys" ... Im so happy to have found her and so happy that she works with Hunter the way she does. He says she is the Grandma he "never" had. hahaa. She has them in a great routine and works with their manners and then holds "school" and "creative" time every single day. I love that she is old-school and teaches him Nursery Rhymes and old stories like Johnny Appleseed and Little Black Sambo.

Back to what I was saying. This week they were studying safety and she helped them each make their own little policeman outfits complete with hat and stop sign. Here he is posing.

Hunter studying safety couldnt have come at a better time. This past weekend we were talking with Justice and Hunter about "safe words" and about what to do when a stranger approaches.. or even someone they arent sure of.

Also, this week I got the most wonderful news from Preston. He has finally made the decision to head back to school in January to become a Law Enforcement Officer. He has to quit his job to go to this three month Academy, but luckily for him he has a great work ethic and the place he works for will more than likely let him come back to work until he finds a permanent job in the law enforcement area. It also helps that he is living at home with his Dad and basically has no bills at the moment.
Im just so proud of him. He has wanted to be a Police Officer since he could talk and say what it was he wanted to do. He told me he figured he better go now while he has the chance.. while Rachel is in school and the economy is bad. By the time they graduate and get out into this cold world they may have half a chance... ;) I cant wait... I will update more as he goes along. Right now he is shadowing a local City Police Dept. and working as much as possible to pay for his schooling up front.

I dont know how I got so lucky to be blessed with 3 very smart and handsome young men. But I thank the Good Lord every day and night for it!

Have a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend! ;o)


Kimmy said...

I'm glad you finally got a good sitter. :) I'm happy about Preston too. He's in love and all, but he's gotta think of himself first.

Cat said...

I think Sandy sounds like a great day care lady!

Scrapbooking said...

I LOVE your new blog look - that header is soooooo sweet!! Cute pictures, as always - I love Hunter the policeman!!