Wednesday, September 23, 2009


yup... totally moody... Ive been bawling at the littlest things for the past 3 days. I hate pms. And no thank you to my doctor who insisted that I have the Her Option done.. it has not helped at all.. if anything Im worse now that a year has went by.

Along with all the "female" pain... the knee pain is just horrible. I guess with fall comes that pain again. Last night I couldnt even sleep!!! Now thats just not right! I have to wait until October 9th to see the doc to see about that... but this time Im going to tell him exactly how it feels to cry myself to sleep.. that is if I can even get to sleep. ughh

To add insult to injury.. last night when I thought my ovaries couldnt take much more .. I really felt like they were going to explode ..{it was a nauseating pain. I just wanted to throw up... } Hunter came in and jumped on the bed and head butted me right in the bridge of the nose... and BOY does it hurt.. still today it aches and hurts. Im surprised I dont have black eyes. I feel bad for his poor head. It was completely an accident, but wow.. Im glad Im not a UFC fighter.. Id never make it... hahaaa

Today the pain has been a bit better.. but geez a loo.. how much can a person take... the advil isnt cutting it anymore. Laaaaaa

So I leave todays rant with this song... I heard it on the radio today and remembered how much I loved it. :)

Im With You...


Amie said...

Sorry you're feeling crappy! And yes, those nose-head-butts HURT!!

Cheryl said...

I'm sorry you're in so much pain, Angi - and then on top of it all, to be nose-butted!!! Yikes!!!

Feel better, girl!! {{{Hugs}}}