Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 12 of 12~

If you have facebook you may have seen some of these pics already if not.. woot! This 12th of September was spent back in my hometown of Fulton, Missouri and over at my brothers in Boonville, Missouri. It was a great day.. but way too short! So here we go...

Back home we believe in starting them out early... hunting that is! Here my brother Neal is helping his g/daughter out with her bow {yes she has her own bow}. All the boys took turns as well {yes they have their own as well} hehee.. Then later in the day it was the BB gun, I didnt get any pics of that, but let me just say teaching them about gun safety will probably take more than just one lesson.. whoa was I a nervous wreck!

Miss Jadyn doing the "apple dance".. a great reminder that its apple pickin' time.. she got these out of their front yard and was so proud.. but warned "they're awful wormy".. uhh yuck! ;)

So here is lil miss bashful... Savana always tries to hide from me... I dont know why? Is it because Im larger than life to her? orrrr could it be I always have a camera stuck in her cute little blue eyed face!?!

Oh boy is JR on the move.. he is crawling everywhere and is in general a good baby boy.. He is just about to walk, but crawling seems to be his fav.. here he is with his Daddy {my brother} Daniel. I thought this was a great photo of them!

While at Dads.. we were outside on his front porch waiting for BBQ.. we came along this creature.. a praying mantis.. I love how big it is... and it reminds me that country is where its at.. the kids just loved it.. uh well all of them except Hunter and he said.. "uhhh ewww gross!"

Getting to see Preston is always a sheer pleasure for me... He HATED getting his picture taken this time.. but I just had to.. he is so handsome and dammit if I cant see him as often as a Momma'd like then I better have some photos huh?!

And one of the MAIN reasons for heading back home this weekend.. Amanda.. my sweet niece Amanda who is bound to pop any day! She barely looks pregnant, but is READY she tells me. I went crazy at Kohl's with the baby outfits and made her an altered A to hang in the baby's room.. She plans on naming her baby girl Addison.. she is due 9/21. I cant wait!

The "magic wand" was hungry for some grilled chicken too....

No weekend is complete without stopping at Sonic to get a Route 44 Strawberry Slush.. I am sooo thrilled for Happy Hour and rarely miss an opportunity to partake!

ahhhhh water.. good ol H2o... my brother is actually training to be a MMA fighter... Hello, we arent as young as we once were! hahaa.. but its cool.. he has always been into health and fitness and this is just a normal thing with him.. watching him drink his weight in water. ;) hehee

Here he is that water drinking maniac.. my brother Neal. I cant believe how close we've become in our adult life. Im so very thankful for him... He prays for me and I for him.. we keep each other in check I think. I wish we could live closer for sooo many reasons!

andddd last but not least... lil miss Jadyn with her Fairy wings, skirt and slippers that I got her so that she wouldnt feel left out with all the baby gift giving. She wore them non stop for the day even though it was hot and they were sticking and cutting into her. Which reminds me of that song.. Thank Heavens for Little Girls.. because she truly is a wonderful little spunky girl!


Cat said...

What a great day!

Amie said...

You're so good to do yours! I wimped out! great stuff!

Cheryl said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! What a purty family you have, Missy.