Friday, April 29, 2005

skareds poem~

My gothic ways I feel I must feed
Perched amid a virgin window sill

The thirst for your soul overwhelms
My everlasting darkening days I feel

Stench from beneath relieving my senses
A desolate tomb awaits my return

To rest with the skulls and bones
And souls Ive devoured and raped alone

As I lay here and reminisce of those Ive tortured
And from which ripped flesh I have pleasured upon

The satisfactions incomplete like my heart
Rotten and decaying it no longer beats

Evil dark blankets my soiled clothes of deep
From which I withdraw into beneath

I cannot breathe or eat or sleep
The pain inside is too intense and too steep

Passing through the nights of time
A glimmer of doom is all thats in mind

Never ending, there is no remorseful feeling
Just death and gloom in its eternal ending

editors note: Written by me 2002~ *some editing done at this time!

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