Wednesday, April 06, 2005

That Tree~

There is a tree outside, down the street and across the road that is haunting me. Its HUGE and crooked and bare. I sat at my chair at sunset last night gazing at its frightening characteristics. The long pointy branches, reaching into the evening. I was instantly reminded of the talking trees in the movie *Wizard of Oz*...

Watching it morph into the night I forgot about that tree until this morning..... I get up, sit at my desk, peer through the window and see that damn tree again..... now its amidst the days newborn fog.... looking at me this time. Its wondering...... what will she do, how will she move through the house....Ive got her under my spell again. The rain starts and washes me away to my daily routine.

Im back again at my desk this afternoon.... I am avoiding that tree. I have the shades pulled and have blocked my view. He cannot see me, this tree of mystery. Still, Im intrigued as to why I am constantly thinking about this tree. What clutches does it have on me?

Tonight I will sit again in my chair and look yonder to that big tree and ask...... What is it about me? What is it about you?..........that attracts us so?

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