Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sexual Obsessions~

What the fuck is up?????........Why must men and some women message me verbosely. They do it in a seemingly non-nonchalant fashion. Dancing around real subjects, they serve up themselves with sexual innuendos, thinking that Im too stupid to figure out their plight. It always starts out the same *You are so pretty!, How can you be so beautiful and have children?, Wow!, Nice tattoos!, Wanna Chat?* and those are just a few. I decided not to include the downright rude ones....But if you know anything about the internet and are a woman, you know exactly what I mean. I have been on the net for 5 years.... And I can tell you with almost complete certainty that 95% of the men that message me have only one agenda {some sort of sexual favor to ask of me}. Do they care if Im married or not, NO... Even if I reply to them and tell them that Im married, I still get the *What do you want?, What are you looking for?*.....What the fuck do you think Im looking for??? Whatever you are thinking you are wrong!!!! Its not YOU. I dont want to talk to you, I dont want you buzzing me, I dont want anything extra-marital and no I dont want to see your cock!!! Lately Im thinking that it is this blog that has attracted an onslot of perverts trying to get to me and my personal life...Well what the freaks dont understand is that the comment box at the bottom of each story is for comments, no where here does it state that Id like you to message me and try to convince me that your dick is bigger or better than anyone elses. My blog is about me some is fact and some is fiction, so... If I write about sex, sexual experiences or sexual fantasies.... It doesnt mean that I want them with you!!! ....In turn, If you are wanting me to *beg* you for some sick reason.... you got it, Im begging...Please dont message me and if you have comments about my blog, post in the comments section. Otherwise if you do message me with alterior motives, be prepared to just be put on ignore automatically. This believe it or not is MY blog.....And I have the right to write, think and post about anything that I want.....!!!

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