Saturday, April 09, 2005


The squeek from a toy made for the baby is straining to be heard in the midst of my semi-chaotic house. The past weekend has been a whirl, the boys here in their youth have kept me young and going as well. I find myself sitting down to write and having sooo many things on my mind I cannot even begin to think of just one subject to write on, or let my mind wonder about. Tomorrow will be the same, get up run around and finally the boys will go home..... I will drive back to my home with tears in my eyes and thinking of how I cannot wait until they are here again and the house is in shambles once more. Ive always said that my favorite sound is the sound of my boys laughing and playing..... I still believe even after all is said and done and I sit at my desk alone with my thoughts, that those laughs and squeeks are what keep me sane, they are what makes me Me.... a mommy.....

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