Monday, April 25, 2005


Did you ever find yourself seething up to your eyeballs in jealous feelings?......
I have the most incredible green eyes, if I may say so myself.....heh its MY blog after all... ;) ....anyway
Ive been thinking about that........does that have something to do with being jealous.... the seed of jealousy planted deep within my emerald green eyes?..... hmmm something to think on and ponder!
Ive found myself jealous over the stupidest and most pathetic things....and then I come back down to reality and say fuck that !!!!!! But in the midst of the green monster taking over my thoughts and sometimes words or perhaps even my actions, that my personality just takes on a whole new genre. Its scary to think that ones mind can be so freakin twisted and bent over something so ridiculous. I think possibly that its just plain stupid ass nature playing tricks on us! Hell why not?.... Nature is constantly playing and fucking with our lives.... so why not our minds and our feelings?.... Im going to try really hard to keep my green eyes where they belong and keep the jealousy demons at bay... It may not be easy...... Im a soul that loves to flirt and we all know that that leads to uncontrolled emotions, run away thoughts and train wreck out Jealousy~here I come again!

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