Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Urgicare to the clay parade!

Ok... so let me catch ya'll up on what has went down since I last posted. Goodeness so much!

1st off.. I want to tell you that we tried out the pan pizza that I posted a couple of posts back and we HATED it!!!! It looks soooo good... but for us it was just horrible. I dont know what I could do to make it better?... Its just the biscuits.. they are horrible soggy in sauce. So.. if you try it and like it let me know.. otherwise.. forget I posted it. LOL

So last week when I was blogging about the soups I got a call from the sitter... I was dreading that. With me being sick I was worried that Hunter would catch something as in the recent weeks he would come up all the sudden with a high temp and we'd give him Motrin and that would kick it. Last Wednesday was such the case. She sent him home with a fever and we treated and he slept good and was fine Thursday morning.. altho a bit sluggish. And of course the docs office is closed on Thursdays and I knew there would be no way I could get him in on Friday, so I went on to work, hoping that it wasnt anything. By 4pm the sitter called and said she was washing him down as his temp was 102.5.
So I ran and got him and Todd and we headed to Urigicare. And waited.............. and waited. Sometimes I think they do it on purpose... but anyway.. We got in and saw the nurse. His temp was still the same and he was beginning to look really ill. He had no other symptoms, other than a headache on and off. And a bit of a cough due to drainage.. yick. The nurse looks into his throat and sees red w/ white patches and swears he has strep. She does the quick swab. Hunter didnt even gag.. he was so brave! So we finally get into see the doc. He hears something in his chest and decides to do a chest xray. I was so proud of Hunter...he really did everything they asked without question or worry. And they were less than happy workers I must say. So grouchy. Geez!

Anyway, when the doc came back in the strep test was negative, the chest xrays were negative but he was still uber concerned about the temp.. it had now risen to 103.6. They immediately gave him Tylenol and Motrin and a popcicle. It took a good hour to get it down to 101. They sent us home with a script for antibiotics because the doc was sureeee that he has strep. Also instructed us to take Friday off.
It took through Sunday for the lil fella to start feeling himself and jumping around.I felt so bad because I had to take him with me Friday to the oral surgeon for a check up and he was just shivering due to the high fever. ;( He insisted though. He wanted to do a family party night with clay so insisted on going and stopping at Hobby Lobby for the clay.

Friday night after Todd got home we just chatted and hung out for a bit til the energy hit us again and we had our family party time with clay. Todd whipped out 4 animals straight away! I worked on my mouse for a good while then decided to do a dragon, which turned into a bug of sorts. Hunter made donut stick, part of a house and a sea turtle. He was so happy that we all sat there, chatted and created. And the clay was a real steal! We got all different colors in a pack for $1.99. And we still have plenty left to do even more. Happy times!

So here we are into Tuesday and Hunter is feeling better, a LOT better.. I swear the kid had springs attached to his feet last night as he was bouncing better than Tigger all over the house! hahaa. I think Ive finally caught up on my sleep and feeling better myself except for a nagging cough, altho its getting better. Now Im dealing with a strange thing.. it feels like someone has punched me in the stomach. I dont know what is going on. I just chalk it up to "the change" or "pms" or something. You'd think Id need to be put out to pasture LOL.

In other news.. I have a skin tag like mole that came up on my face in the last 3 months, Im going to have to go to dermatologist to have it checked out. Fun. There goes our cash again. oh well.. better safe than sorry. With all the sickies I managed to lose about 4 pounds. woot. Lets see.. not much else except trying to plan a little trip for June. Its tough, I dont like swimming and the kids dont think its vacation without it. So hard. But Im sure we'll come up with something. Oh yeah.. one other thing. I discovered Pandora Radio. I loveeee it! Ive been listening to the Easy Listening channel a lot at work. So relaxing and who knew Id fall in love with Frank Sinatra, Floyd Kramer and Nat King Cole?.. eheheee check it out sometime! Maybe you too will discover something new! ;o)

Have a great week! Fun post coming up next! ;)

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Amie said...

yay, a rare picture from Angi! :) Sorry the pizza didn't work out! what a shame. And yikes about Hunter's fever...that's awful. I bet that was an uber long day. And now your thing--does it hurt when you breathe? Sounds like you might have a touch of fluid in the lungs (pleurisy)? If it lasts much longer, get checked out for sure! Good luck!