Friday, May 21, 2010

Greys and The Middle

Did you watch Greys Anatomy finale last night? ... HOLY crap.. it was the most intense 2 hours on tv... holy COW... I cried, I had chest pain.. and even Todd said that was the best ever episode ever. Very clever... very good lead up to! I like that they didnt leave too big of a cliffhanger but enough to make us want to watch again next season!

So what is this couch tator going to do now that a lot of my shows have had their finale's ;)

Have you seen the new show this season called The Middle? If not.. go see if you can hulu some of the episodes its a neat little show that Ive gotten to really like! It is really a lot kinda like my life.. kinda like Rosanne hahaa.. Its pretty crazy and funny.. and human.
So... not much going on today.. bored out of my mind at work. I cant work on the books because the computer is down and my work is caught up. Calm before the billing storm in June I guess. Im flipping through scrapping blogs, hoping I have enough time this weekend to create some Graduation/Birthday and Fathers day cards. This weekend is also the last soccer game. Whew.. what a season. I think he had a total of 4 games, it was just a crappy soccer season.. and his coach blew! Oh well, always next year. ;) Im also going to research some things for us to do on our vacation. Looks like we are taking the 3rd week in June.. and traveling towards Kentucky! Woot woot.. I cant wait. :)

Oh small update on Preston. He is loving Police Academy!!! He passed his PT test and was 13th out of a class of 64 so not bad!!! He has another test today and another on Tuesday that he is pretty worried about. I know he'll be fine. He was telling me he got gravel in his hand because they were doing this exercise where they crawled on their hands and knees across a parking lot.. OUCH!!! Poor kiddo! But he said he is NOT going to let something little like that get to him. Im so happy he is strong willed.. Id have cried. hehee ;) Its good to know that he is happy with what he is doing. Makes this Mommas heart feel better!

Have a great weekend!


Jenn K said...

Sounds like he is doing great in the academy...and it is awesome that he is so excited about it. I haven't seen the finale yet..I have it on my dvr and I can't wait till I can sit down and see it...sounds like a real tear jerker. I am looking for something for us to do over the summer...not sure if we will go far. Hubby has work and not much play time, so we will see. I am hoping for at last a weekend getaway. Tonight Bug has his first baseball game...hope they do well.

Amie said...

We just watched Grey's last night and YES! Holy cow!! It was such a good episode!! I had both hands over my mouth in shock most of the episode!