Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blog slump fixer upper!

I think I'll try out Amies blog slump fixer upper tag... read the questions, then type your answers into Google images-put one of the image representations on your blog.

Age at next birthday: 43Lovin' the pink... maybe I'll have a pink themed birthday party this year! Fun!

Place I'd most like to visit: Riviera MayaFavorite place: With MY 3 boys {I just borrowed these 3 from Google} heheThese guys are pretty darn cute though.. hehee ;)
Favorite object: Nail polishDont know if its my ALL time fav... but I love to paint my nails and toenails!

Favorite food: TamalesFavorite color: GreenFavorite pet: My Dog Ruby {cairn terrier borrowed from Google}Name of last pet: Pete-dog {here we have Pete Wentz with his dog}Where I live: Shiloh1st grade teacher: Mrs. Backer... my search kept coming up with Mrs. Bakers instead.. so thought this was an interesting image provided via Google, its uber old!Middle name: DawnBad habit: Eating when bored!College major: Medical Administrative AssistantI remember doing a LOT of this back in the day.... sometimes I miss it. Sometimes I dont. ;)

Favorite holiday: ThanksgivingI love reading blogs and would be delighted if you tagged yourself and did the same.
Have a great day... its super dreary here today. I sooo wanted to sleep in. That turkey Todd stayed home today.. I bet he is snoozing as I type. Gah! Anywho.. one of these days I'll get my ME time! ;O)


Amie said...

Yay I'm so happy you did this! It's so fun, right? That pic of Riviera Maya is GORGEOUS!!! And the tamales? ohmygosh. I'm doing the HCG diet right now (500 calories a day) so it'll be many moons before anything tasty like that nears my mouth!

Jenn K said...

This looks like fun Angi...I will have to do this one too. Yeah, I know what ya mean about "ME" time...hahaaa...we all want it but rarely get it. Though when I do then I miss my boys, go figure..LOL.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Amie, I have a friend who is on the HCG diet and has lost 37 pounds recently and in only about 3 months. Ive been thinking about it, but dont know much about it. Maybe you'll blog about it? ;)

Angie said...

This is so cool, I hope I get some time to do it soon.