Saturday, May 22, 2010

How does it feel to be a soccer star?

My Soccer Star!!!

This is the question we've been asking Hunter all day! hehee. Today was his very last soccer game of the season. It was probably the hottest temperature outside too.. way different from the other games. It was a GREAT day though.. and he did well. Today he kicked 3 goals.. Sharks won too! Out of 4 games total he scored 8 goals! We really saw quite the improvement this year! It seemed Justice was his good luck charm too, because the only game he didnt score any goals in Justice was not there. hehee Hopefully next year it wont be monsoon season when they play hahaa.. it was quite rainy this season! Several games were canceled because of the rain! I think Hunter had a real good season and lots of fun!

Going for GOAL!

High fives from Daddy!

2010 Soccer Team "The Sharks"


Amie said...

WOW, what a great player!! And I noticed you fixed the white space around your signature. Way to go yourself! :)

linda said...

Way to go Hunter

Angie said...

WTG Hunter. It's so sweet that his big brother is his good luck charm. :)