Saturday, May 01, 2010

Laid up~

hahaa.. poor pitiful me. ;) Well the oral surgery went much better than expected. The doc didnt have to repair or get into the sinuses. He repaired the failed root canal and basically told me the dude who did it was an idiot. The wires or whatever they use to deaden the nerves when doing a root canal were all the way through my roots up into my gums irritating the sinuses. Fun huh?

So the pain was pretty intense last night and while I was laid up Todd and Hunter went next door to his sisters house to have dinner with his other sister that was in town from California. I was totally bummed that I didnt feel like going... but it worked out. I snoozed a little and watched the movie Doubt. I really really liked it! Kitty also crashed! haha

This morning I woke up and felt real good except for a slight headache. I was really impressed that the doc took time out this morning to call me and see how I was doing and to tell me I was a great patient. haha ;) That really means a lot that he called to check on me. More docs should I think.. its that personal touch that just rocks.

sooooo...later we went shopping for crying out loud!hahaaa
I got some really good yard sale deals.. lots of clothes for Hunter for fall. And then late this afternoon went to Fashion Bug and found some lounge capris, jean capris and a summer nightgown. Woot Woot. I think I may go back and get a couple bras next week. Then I should be good for summer.

Today is also National Scrapbooking Day. And although I havent scrapped today, I bought a chipboard album to do and some glue dots and plan on fixing up the album and doing some Mothers Day cards tomorrow. I also plan on getting my hair did. Its getting TOO long!!! Todd is taking Hunter out for the day so I'll have some alone time to do that ME stuff.

Im super blessed and happy! :)


linda said...

I also have to have a root canal soon, I hate going to the dentist. Hope that you are feeling btter soon. I am jealous that you live near a fashion bug store.

Taryn Lopshire said...

Oh Girl, that sounds so painful! I hope you're all better now! How awesome your doc checked up on you!! That is rare!