Thursday, September 18, 2008


So ... I think I finally have my blog looking the way Id like it to... however it doesnt look near as dark and evil as I am inside.. hahahaa. Oh well.. we'll see what Halloween brings, maybe I can get down and dirty and show another side of me then. ;)

Onto other things. For goodeness sakes.. Im STILL sick! Yeah.. cant hear a thing out of my left ear.. and let me tell you people, its not only irritating to you when I say *huh?* its irritating me and its like Chinese torture!!! You know that sound that is made when a basketball hits the pavement?.. that is what it sounds like in my head NON-STOP! Except its the beating of my heart. And at night.. whoa its even way worse. Holy Hannah, I sure hope things loosen up soon. The strong as heck antibiotics the doc gave me also gave me ummm the cha cha cha's.. nice huh?.. Well Im going to try to look on the bright side of things and feel blessed that I have so much more in my life. And I vow that I will not write ONE MORE BLOG POST about being *still sick* again. hehee
Today Im at work and the fabulous Thunderbirds are flying overhead doing their tricks and preparing for the Air Show this weekend here at Scott AFB. Its quite thrilling and freaks me out so bad that I have jillions of goosebumps. Seriously if you have not seen a show.. Go!.. and if you havent been to the websites.. GO! Its amazing and people of all ages just love it. Im amazed and proud! Cant wait for this weekend! Its going to be a blast!!!


linda said...

That picture is awesome.. I love the thunderbirds..

Cat said...

Man, I'm going to get you one of those old fashioned hearing cone thingies....It'll be awesome. And instead of saying, "huh" you should say, "EH?"