Monday, September 15, 2008


LOL... you dont have to be old to not be able to hear... heheee I STILL cant hear a dang thing. I think today I must call the doctor. The pressure on the side of my head is driving me insane. Ive taken every pill available and even antibiotics and it hasnt helped yet. Im afraid he is going to say time. And I think I may have to put a watch you know where! Anway... This weekend I got a lot of scrapbooking done. Several layouts and several cards and a mini Thanksgiving album. I thank Creative Scrappers sooo much for all the inspiring sketches.. I just love them all! I think Im going to try to sell the album as I dont really need it, unless I come across some good Thanksgiving pics around here. Today I finish the darn invoices and then I think I'll take the afternoon off. This past weekend they were supposed to move my office around and get me a new desk.. we'll see if that happened. If so Im going to be spending the rest of the week organizing it. I like that kinda work. :)
Have a great week!
ETA~Doc report was double ear infection and raging sinus infection..yay! I got some super-duper antibiotics and waiting very un-patiently for them to kick in. Why am I so sickly this year? Sighs...


Brooke said...

Hehe. I'm glad you can laugh about your condition even though you're miserable. Hopefully the doctor can help you out!

Cat said...

Oh man, that stinks. I'm sorry to hear that it's not getting any better!