Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is it safe to say?~

I dont quite know if its that time.. but I suspect its coming real fast.. within the next few weeks. Today we are experiencing the remnants from hurricaine Ike. Windy and raining. I was up with Hunter last night, he was sick throwing up. I hope its nothing much. Im still sick, still cant hear and clogged up. Im so aggrivated by it. This is the first time ever that Ive had no relief within a couple days. Anyway.. Ive been scrapping up a storm, cleaning up my supplies and today Im going to work on some cards. I save a lot of my old recieved cards and tear them off and recycle them so want to work on that... maybe some Halloween stuff too. Oh and some Thanksgiving stuff. This afternoon I think Hunter and I will bake some snickerdoodles.. thats good stuff for colds no? haha


Gina Hanson said...

OOOooo . . . Snickerdoodles sound yummy! :) I hope you both start feeling better real soon!

Cat said...

Send me a snickerdoodle! Or at least eat one in my honor! hehehe