Friday, September 05, 2008


Last night I got hooked watching the Republican National Convention. Ive never been a political person, nor have I voted strictly one party ... I always chose who I believe will do the best for our country or situation. I have totally been wanting John McCain to run for presidency for a LONG time and sooo glad that now I can actually be able to vote for him for our next President. Now, your opinion is your opinion and you can vote for whoever you like.. that is your right. Just please vote! That is my main message other than this........... last night at the end of his speech and at the end of the Convention they played "Barracuda" by Heart.........whooaaa.. I LOVED THAT!
You go John McCain!

Unfortunately Heart doesnt feel the same way~

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Gina Hanson said...

Oh yes, I was watching too! He's got my vote too! :)