Thursday, September 16, 2010

My view of the StL!!!

hey guys!!!! Guess what??? I got all the billing done and I can play around a little today and tomorrow... whew- right?!!!

I thought it'd be kinda cool to take some pictures of my surroundings.. things I see on a weekly basis.. buildings and such... You don't see people taking these kinda pictures really anymore unless it is of a specific building for a specific reason or it is a business photo. This past weekend I was driving through the city and captured a couple photos with my cell {yes, driving and clicking pics is dangerous-please don't do this at home!}.

In the first pic, its me driving over the Martin Luther King bridge going into downtown St.Louis from IL. The bridge is over the Mississippi River and recently was changed from an open 3 lane layout to a 2 and 1 lane layout. The 1 lane going in and the 2 going out. And it scares me to death! I still wont cross over into downtown on that bridge at night! Too scary!!! The first time I had a panic attack and almost came to a complete stop in the middle of the bridge. Whew! Ive gotten better about the daytime and can make it across without having to take a different bridge and driving through downtown traffic.. but one more panic attack and I'll be back to doing that route again.. but lets hope not! On the good side, I get to see the beautiful Arch, the Gateway to the West every time I make this trip.. so that's awesome! We do have a pretty neat skyline I think!

In the second pic, I'm driving back over the MLK bride into IL. I'm shooting to my right looking out the window towards the Arch.. and you can see the other bridge that I detour during panic attacks photographed.. and that is called the Eads Bridge. A lot of times in the summer they will close down that bridge and you can walk across to the casino, or watch the Arch fireworks on the 4th. ps: You can really walk across it all the time, there are special sidewalks for it! This bridge is super old and just beautiful in its architecture! I love having pics taken down on the landing near it! {This is where all of Hunters photos were taken this year by my friend Cat!}

The last pic is a picture of a couple buildings I find to be VERY interesting in East St. Louis! They are super old as you can tell, and abandoned. They even have trees growing out of the tops!!! Id love to get a closer look at these buildings but they are located in a very dangerous city. I wouldn't go there in the dark let alone the daylight. :( Its sad, because these buildings are architectual art!!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this lil tour.. maybe I'll do this so often and maybe you'll do the same. You never know when it may spark interest or memories. :)


Amie said...

Ooh, I DO enjoy this tour!! I didn't know you were so close to such a famous landmark!! Not sure what I'd take pics of out the west there are fields, to the north, dessert, to the east, Phoenix (ugh) and to the South, Luke Air Force Base with all the jets. :) Great pics from your phone, really...but put it down while driving!! (I'm guilty of that too!)

~ Rada Rhythm and Rhyme~ said...

I love your new background...spooky! And who knew you were such a good photographer, the pics are beautiful and makes me wanna visit!

Cat said...

Love the photos! They are striking in black and white! This is a fun idea. I was thinking about this the other day...well, taking a picture of one of our famous statues and sending it to the people who would care....hehe. Thanks for the shoutout!