Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Loves It!!!

I love this photo!!!

My brother-in-law and one of the nicest people I have ever met-Jim and his daughter, my niece-Alana. They were challenging each other to get the best photos of the air show this past weekend.

Making Memories... its what its all about!

ps: Its 4.27am and I cannot sleep worth diddly. This OT is killin' me. Or is it the sinus/allergy season?..oyyyy
pss: If you look in the comments section of the Inspiration Saturday there are my answers to some of your questions. ;)


Amie said...

I hate when that happens--the up and can't sleep thing!

Jenn K said...

Awe...fun times!! Girl you better get some sleep...

~ Rada Rhythm and Rhyme~ said...

PLEASE do tell about the candy vs. biscuits story! :) Might make a cute post...hint, hint! lol! I bought some supplies to make my wreath and I'll let ya know how it turns out!