Saturday, September 11, 2010

Inspiration Saturday!!!

Wellll.. thanks to that sneaky sneak Laura... I got the thrifty bug and decided this morning when I woke up that I wanted to visit two of my favorite thrift stores today! And I did just that!!!

First stop the Belleville Salvation Army. I have always found some sort of bargain here! From the time I moved here and would go into town for doctors appointments when I was pregnant with Hunter and until I started work I would stop in at least once a month. I stocked up on play clothes, Halloween costumes, picture frames, books and just all kinds of goodies. Today was no different! I think I hit the jackpot! Todd gave me a $10 limit and away I went!

Today for $9.38 I got the following: A leather football {not pictured because the boys were playing with it}, a Liz Claiborne purse, a tie for Hunters soon-to-be Halloween costume, a pair of shorts for Hunter from the Childrens Place, 3 books and the best find.. a LIKE NEW Cards McGwire jersey.. I almost pee'd myself!!! SCORE!!!

Next stop... a little church ran thrift store on the corner downtown Belleville! We got the boys bunk beds there a longgg time ago.. and a lot of my buttons for scrapping came from there. I was so excited to go in.. but my limit in there was $5.. Todd the meanie said so. Anyway.. I found about 3 things that I reallllly wanted but didnt get, maybe another day. It was a stove top perculator in perfect condition from Corning Ware, a vintage metal red plaid thermos and a enamel green bowl. Of course when I got out to the car Todd says.. why didnt you get them. Ha! "rolls eyes"... anyway...

I spent $1.30 and got 4 packages of white/orange/red and antique colored lace for scrapping and these five books! I figured theyd be perfect for Hunter since he has been craving a bit of variety than what is in our library lately...and the biggest news................... The one book... Garbage Can Cat... I had it when I was a kid... again... I almost could not control the inner screamer in me!

So.. I must say thank you Laura for the inspiration to get out and thrift. There was only one thing missing.. I wish you could have been there with me.. because I just know that it would have been a great time!!!

ps: If you guys dont see me around for a bit.. Im neck deep in billing/invoicing at work. What a drag!!! I even brought stuff home to do..ughh.
One week and I should be back to regular business though. :)

Have a great rest of the weekend.. and be sure to write me and tell me what YOU did!!! :)


Amie said...

awesome! I wish our thrift store was a bit more practical. The Goodwill here in AZ (or anywhere?) is not cheap. That jersey would have been $10 itself. Seriously...a normal shirt averages 3.99, which I'm sorry, isn't a great deal on a used shirt that THEY GOT FOR FREE for crying out loud. Their shoes average $8/pair and I can do yard sales much much better than that! Too bad. But you got a great haul!!

~ Rada Rhythm and Rhyme~ said...


I wish I would have been with you! You got some great deals! I am curious about the garbage can cat looks so cute (I love the name) and I was wondering if it's a children's book? Looks like something I would appreciate, too! And it's funny because I sometimes get a "limit" from my hubby too but I think he appreciates that I shop so cheaply most of the time!

Kimmy said...

thankies, i love you too. guess all that explains why i've been so quiet all summer. you're still my bestie

Cat said...

I love thrift stores. I do a lot of self inflicted limits around the $10 mark. I don't need much, really, I just want. :-) What's the book on the right in the first picture?

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Amie~Our goodwills are expenso too! I rarely go there unless Im looking for something specific. I have found that they do get a lot of Target or Old Navy left overs so sometimes thats not too bad.

Laura~Almost all of those books were "Weekly Reader" books. I remember getting them when I was little. I plan on packing these up after reading to Hunter and sending to you! I had you in mind as well when I picked them up! Id like someone I know who will appreciate them have them!

Cat~Its Lord of the Flies, I thought Todd would like it.

Cat said...

I knew it was something I'd read! Thanks, Ang!