Monday, September 13, 2010

Air Show!

Did I ever tell you that we live with the Air Force base right behind our house? hahaa.. Yes we do!

Needless to say we hear a LOT of planes coming and going.. and let me just say, they shake the windows, keep us from sleeping or hearing conversations and they honestly excite me every time I hear or see one! ps: They used to scare the pee out of me though! hehee

Anyway.. almost every year the base hosts a big air show and they usually have the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels perform along with other old war classics. They put on a great show and lucky for us we have a comfy yard view of most of it. I wish my camera was more awesome because I could of gotten a lot of greater shots.

Hunter and I sat out Saturday afternoon for some and I forgot my camera, but Sunday we sat out in the yard for 3 hours! I brought my camera and here are a few of my fav shots of the Blue Angels! ...and one of me and Hunter ;)


~ Rada Rhythm and Rhyme~ said...

Ooh...looks fun! Entertainment right in the back yard! And I bet it's even more fun enjoying it with your precious lil' boy!

Cat said...

Great shots, Angi! My Dad would love it! Well, so would Don & I. Hunter is growing up way too fast.

Amie said...

awesome! We live very close to an air force base too. Some people complain about the noise, but I say, that Noise is protecting you and Keeping You Free! :)

Jenn K said...

Great pictures!! My boys and I love watching air shows too.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Amen Amie!, matter of fact that is how I got Hunter away from being scared of the big airplanes, I told him Daddies/Mommies were coming home to their babies. It seemed to soothe him. :)