Thursday, April 01, 2010

Vintage Memories~

Tonight I was looking through the vintage Easter cards online and just started thinking and thinking. I so love vintage prints and remember a few from growing up that I was just enamored with. Do you have a vintage print that maybe you remember from your Grandparents house? Or a special photo or wall hanging? Perhaps a clock or something similar? This vintage print was nicely framed I remember in a thick black lacquered frame above my Great Grandma Overstreets {Little Grandma} bed. I believe my parents got the print from the auction they had after Little Grandma passed away. Mom and Dad had it on display in their bedroom as well. My parents house burned in 1991 and I think it went up in smoke as well. Since then I have been looking for my own print. I didnt even think to use the net to find it.. but now that Ive found it.. maybe I can find one that is in decent condition for the right price and get it framed and display it in my Master Bedroom!

I hope you'll share on your blog or with me here a print that brings back some sort of good memory for you! In the meantime... Happy Easter!!! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

hi! thanks for playing along at CS' blog bounce!