Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ive Gone Bananas!~

Ive gone bananas over these sock monkey items lately.. oh man.

My little brother had a sock monkey growing up .. his name was Sammy Davis Jr.... Hunter then got one when he was little .. I cried I was so happy. He named him Cotton. We even had Cotton as our Christmas tree topper last year!

Since seeing the new Kia commercial with the sock monkey getting the MOM tattoo Ive been looking around Etsy and found that I can have one custom made with the MOM, or there are some Etsy sites that have custom name ones. SOOOO cute.

Lately on tv Ive noticed lots of people wearing the cute stocking hats. The other day on US of Tara the daughter in the show was wearing one while ice skating. ADORABLE! And right after Christmas I actually saw these slippers at Target.. but they didnt have my size.. I just could have cried!!! Havent seen them since and have had a HARD time finding them online!
So.. below are the links for these sock monkey items.. Take a gander at them.. and I hope you can find as much joy in them as I have.


etsy shop for baby monkey hats

tattoo'd sock monkey

I put the sock monkey with the sewn in MOM tattoo on my Mothers Day List... what is on yours? ;)

eta: my little brothers sock monkeys name!


Jenn K said...

Too cute! Hope you get your sock monkey for mothers day :-)

Angie said...

Thanks for the links, I am crazy about sock monkeys too.

Pretty Things said...

I love the sock monkey hat!