Thursday, April 08, 2010

Oh yeah?~

I thought Id do a little post about some oddities that you may not know about me.

1} I have all boys and LOVE it, but every once in a while I wish I had a daughter too.. so that we could go to get manicures/pedicures together!

2} Todd and I have separate blankets/comforters-I hate this and hate his.. except for when Im sick or really cold.. then I find it comforting... weird!

3} I have a VERY high tolerance for pain. Ive had many procedures done with no anesthesia and felt minimal pain. Im glad!

4} One time a fella I dated told me that he couldnt see my knuckles and it grossed him out. {Who said words dont hurt or stick with you?}

5} When I was little I used to freak out during storms. I mean scream and sob. One time my Dad beat me with a belt because I wouldnt stay in my bed during a really bad thunderstorm, thus making the thunderstorms even scarier for me. Gee thanks Dad.

6} Raw meat makes me gag and Im super paranoid about any meat/fish/chicken being processed on my counters. I have to bleach everything down after whoever is done.. even if they said they cleaned it.

7} Im constantly trying to think of new ways to do my hair and what color to use.

8} Id love to have a simply decorated home, but keep finding the CUTEST things to buy and thus clutter the heck out of my house. LOL

9} I would love to learn how to shoot a bow so that I could go bow hunting with Todd. Id also love to shoot competition bow or gun.

10} I once lived in a friends garage because I was too proud to ask to live in her home or anyone elses.... my son said at least we werent living in a box under the overpass. I still felt ashamed.. still do.

11} I cant stand toenails that are not painted. Yuck!

12} I love scrapbooking but ever since I got my own scraproom I havent done as much because when I go in there Im alone and feel disconnected and even as though Im being punished. Needless to say I dont scrap near like I used to because of it. Virtually not at all anymore ;(

13} I read between 30-50 blogs every week and try to comment on a whole lot of them, but for some like Stephanie Howell or Emily Falconbridge.. and a few others... I never comment.. too scared for some stupid reason.

14} I actually still have several pairs of undies that I bought about 10+ years ago.. They are sooo comfy and obviously still in good shape! No holes or anything! Now those are some good undies!

15} Although I wear jeans/tshirts to work now.. I wouldnt mind if I had to dress up in dresses everyday. I actually love dressing up as long as I have the clothes/shoes to wear!

16} I believe in the power of prayer and every night I thank the good Lord for keeping my boys SAFE, HAPPY and HEALTHY.. and ask for strength if not for me for others.

17} I love oatmeal cooked on the stove top only. Could eat it every day!

18} I go on OCD binges I guess you could call them and it usually has to do with de-cluttering the house. I either re-decorate, get new dishes or towels. If I am unable to do this during this time I get seriously depressed and actually hurt physically. So weird!

19} I know I shouldnt miss out on old classic movies.. but I dont care to watch black/white movies. I hope that I can change that someday. I really enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird so why not others?

20} I love Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez and some day maybe Hunter and I will actually get in that limo, ride to the airport and fly out to L.A. to see them in concert. {His dream} hehee

21} I have to blow my nose every morning. Im also addicted to Mentholatum, I cant sleep without using it.

22} I want to be cremated. And I want the songs from the movie Places in the Heart sang or played at my funeral.

23} Ive never seen the ocean.

24} It takes me forever to tell a story and I usually forget half of it or lose my place several times before Im done. Gah!

25} I cant grow finger nails for the life of me.. never have. My Mom has super strong and long natural nails though.. luckyyyy.

about all I can think of right now.. What are your oddities.. or quirks? I mean.. I guess some of these things are neither but just things* about me.. Id like to learn more about you as well! ;o)


Jenn K said...

It is great getting to know more about you. An oddity for me is, I used to walk on my toes as a child...Actually on my toes (toes curled under, walking on the joints), and still find myself walking on my tippy toes sometimes....LOL!! Don't know why, maybe because I secretly want to be taller...HA!!

Amie said...

what a great post!! I love learning these things about you! I want whatever recipe it is you use for on the stove hot oatmeal. It always tastes so blah to me.

Ok, oddity about me? I'm a closet OCD-er. Everything has to have it's place and I mean everything. Put the pencil in its pencil box! The butter goes on this shelf, not that one! fold the towels in thirds please!

Also, I could (and have) sat down and eaten a whole bag of chocolate chips.


Taryn Lopshire said...

Very cool random things, Angi! Although, the thunderstorm thing breaks my heart. :( And please don't hate me because I hardly ever pain my nails. ;)