Monday, April 26, 2010

Wow.. Im overwhelmed~

I have so much to blog about... I wish I could be more constant.. but I just never have time anymore. Gah! Im drowning... overwhelmed for sure!

Lets see... FB.. the downfall of so many.. now I know why my friend Amy has never signed up for it. It has been nice being able to keep in touch with my brother and family more often.. but it does suck away your time. ;(

Scrapbooking.. I love it.. just have no time. CS has put on a fabulous birthday party and the sketches just keep getting better and better. One of these days I seriously need to sit down and work. I want to, but I need glue dots folks.. you never know how much you need them until you dont have them.. grumbles!

WLJ.. the weight loss journey took a detour through China, Italy and Mexico. I havent gained which is good, but havent lost either. I need to go back to concentrating on portion control and not eating out for lunch. And cut out that damn soda!

Work.. busy as always. Its up and down. I love my job-the things I do.. but sometimes the people and the boss get on my nerves.. same with anything though. I have started a new Safety Program for the company. Little thanks I'll get, but it will look dang good on my resume' ;)

Moving.. we are still trying to sell and look for jobs/move. I get panicked when I think about the time for Hunter to start going to school drawing nearer. To complicate things.. tonight is the Kindergarten round-up at the school here. I dont even want to go ya know.?! I think often that we are just going to have to take a leap and DO IT. Todd is grumbling more and more often about his job and how he wants to quit. I have gave him my wishes that he would just quit, even if he doesnt have a job.. find part time stuff and look back home. Concentrate on getting his face out there. We'll see.

The boys... they are just GREAT! Everyone kinda had the sickies and are still coughing due to all the pollen. So miserable and they all 3 sounded horrible!
1}Hunter hasnt had a soccer game in 3 weeks.. so hopefully this coming weekend he'll get a game in... altho they are calling for more rain. We have considered signing him up for tball, but I am none too happy with the Parks/Rec here right now.. and all games are scheduled on Sat. mornings.. which I hate! Will post about his day at work with Todd this past week.
2}Justice is doing dandy. He didnt complain too much this time he was up about being bullied at school. So I hope that with some seating changes that has helped. Also getting him to understand personal space and respect. His Dad and I have decided that just to be on the safe side we would like to have him talk to a professional, just in case he is depressed or something like that. He wants to talk to us, but usually breaks down and doesnt communicate his feelings very well. We are hoping that this will help .. someone can teach him the correct techniques. Justice starts baseball real soon.. already practicing. I hope I get to catch some of the games this summer!
3}Preston has turned in his 2weeks at work and is just about ready for Law Enforcement training classes to start. They start May 1oth. He has been doing a lot of fishing lately and had absolutely no luck in the turkey hunting department. But he is still trying. ;) He and Rachel are doing well. She is down to her last final weeks of her first year of college. Im sure she is stressed to the max right now. But will definitely be a help for Preston once he starts I know!

Lastly... my health.. goodeness. This Friday I go in for oral surgery. Last Friday I went to the surgeon and the bad news is that my failed root canal/crown has turned into a nightmare and I will have to have surgery to remove the failing tooth/roots from the sinuses. Yes the sinuses are involved and they arent letting go of that there tooth! The good news however, is that no one ever PULLED the tooth=pulled the sinuses out of place causing even more pain. So the objective is to cut into the gum delicately around the roots and release them from the sinuses. Hopefully they will remain intact and if so all is good and thats that. Buttttt if they arent then the sinuses will have to be cut and there will have to be a patch reconstructed over the opening of the sinuses. He swears to me that only 1 in 15 have to have this.. but Im thinking since I dont have insurance and am paying out of pocket cash.. I'll be that 15th hahaaa. Im praying not and he seems to be real nice in preparing me for the worst. Still... 24 hours of excruciating pain with the following 2 days of some mean pain to follow. Hopefully he will hook me up with some strong pain meds and I can sleep the pain away. Thank goodeness its the weekend.. I couldnt work with that going on. No way.

Sooo.. now you have the scoop on my life. Whats going on in yours?


Brooke said...

Hey Angi, it's been a while since I stopped by your blog. You are busy as usual, aren't you? :) I hope everything works out for you to relocate on your timetable. That's good that you're having Justice talk to a professional. Sometimes just knowing that your parents are hearing your cry for help is a big comfort to kids. You are doing great on your weight loss...keep up the good work! Can you believe that I have lost 27 lbs in the last month? Yay me! I'm doing homeopathic hCG and LOVING it. It doesn't even feel like a diet and I am NEVER hungry. Woohoo!

Amie said...

Soo much there....first of all, LOL about the FB comment! Just, lol!! So sorry about the oral surgery--yuck!--and the weight loss stuff? Bah!! I've totally given up and am enjoying eating. I ENJOY FOOD! There, I said it! As far as Kindergarten Roundup: Awwww! Go! Cherish!! Enjoy! Remember how I cried about missing my last kindergartner's last round up? I got past it, but I was upset at the time. LOL