Friday, April 09, 2010

Yay.. its Friday!!!~

We are heading out tomorrow after soccer game and soccer pics to go back home. Its time to celebrate spring, a late Easter and Prestons birthday. I cant wait. I have so much to pack and do.. sure hope I can get it all done and we can make it to Dads by 1ish.

Im also eager to hear how turkey hunting goes too... Preston is taking Justice out for his youth season Saturday morning. Would be awesome if he actually got something. I know he would be so proud.

Going to leave you for the weekend with a couple pics of when we went to the St. Louis City Museum and Aquarium. Picture quality kinda stinks as I didnt have my camera, only phone camera... but....We had such a great time. Hunter CRIED his eyes out when we had to leave. Next time we HAVE to take Justice.. I know he'd love it too. And can you believe we all petted the stingrays! WILD!! But cool! :)

Todd and Preston climbed on these metal things that were 2 stories above everyone. They almost got stuck! haha

Preston and Todd petting the stingrays!

Rachel getting her ocean suit on! haha ;)
Have a great weekend!

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Taryn Lopshire said...

Looks like great fun! We need to get over to STL one of these days! I've never been, and it's only a couple hours from us, I think!