Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday catch up~

Well soccer season started 2 weeks ago... the first game was kick ass. Hunter kicked 3 goals and did great. He wasnt shy or anything. This past weekend his allergies were soooo bad he couldnt even run 10ft. without stopping. I felt so bad but he insisted on playing. Then we had team pictures afterward.Funny though, we followed the directions and went where Parks & Rec told us to go and we show up but the rest of the team did not. Needless to say no soccer pics this year except for what I'll be taking. And still after a quite lengthy letter to the Parks & Rec Director this is still a sore subject with me. They have decided to resolve the issue by having the photography company handle it. They want to photoshop Hunter into the team photo... say what?... where they going to get his photo? They didnt think about that I guess. So is some random soccer player going to be edited into the teams photo. Ughh what a stinkin' mess.

In other news.. last weekend we had a 3 day get away to my Dads. As usual it was a much needed break and good time to get back to the country! We celebrated Prestons birthday... and basically relaxed!

Justice and Preston turkey hunted although they came up empty handed... I think they had a great time bonding. I sat my happy butt on the porch most of the weekend soaking up the beauty of the bees buzzing and the tulips that were in bloom.
We had a bbq for Prestons bday and some pinapple upside down cake.. his fav. Visited with the kids, watched The Blind Side and visited with my niece and nephew and my brother Daniel.

The guys all went mushroom hunting one morning and before they left tried to catch a couple lizards off Dads porch.. one was the one above the other was a blue tail.. he was too fast for me to capture a photo of though. haa
Later that day we took Justice home and somehow Hunter came up with this idea that he wanted to learn how to skip rocks. So we picked up Dad and headed to Jefferson City and the lake {Binder Lake}. Todd and Dad tried and tried to show Hunter how, he just isnt quite coordinated enough yet. It doesnt help when Hunter is a lefty and they are righties. haha We let Hunter play on the playground while we soaked up some sun by the lake and chatted.

Left there and went to have a Mexican feast. I then took the back roads to show Todd some more of where I grew up and lived in the past. Lucky for me he loved it all! We were wore out by the time we got back to Dads, but watched a movie anyway.. then crashed!
Sunday afternoon we took Preston out back and gave him his gun, a new 9mm. The boys sited the gun in and got lots of practice in. Rachel even gave it a try.

Overall it was a great weekend away. Hunter says.. I cant wait to go back Mom. and I say.. me either! Its our community yard sale tomorrow.. Im hoping for some big bucks! Maybe some leads on the house selling too!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Amie said...

what great pictures, Ang! Your kids sure look like you. Love the cake and the sports shots!