Monday, March 29, 2010

Cat was here!~

My friend Cat and her husband Don came through a couple weeks and stayed for the night. They had been on a 2 week vacation traveling the midwest. I was so happy that they could stop by if even it was a short and sweet visit!

This is the only pic I have of Cat and I from the trip.. I think she may have one.. but anyway.. it was good to see her, but selfishly I wish she could've been here for a much longer period of time.. ooo the troubles we could get into! haaWe are soooo cheese! hahaaa. ;o)

While Cat was here she did a photo shoot of Hunter.. I cannot wait to see the pics.. he was such a good little model for her. I will share them as soon as I get them! Also while here, Don got to show Hunter his love for Legos too. Yes.... our house is a LEGO graveyard? junkyard? heap? mountain? fountain of fun? hahahaa... whatever.. it keeps that crazy boy happy! This is something that he made the other night. I have to shamelessly admit I kinda like playing with them too.. well not "playing" but building things.. When Hunter gets a kit we usually build it together... then last night after he went to bed I spent an hour and half creating a helicopter for him. He was sooo freakin' happy when he woke up and found it. {except for I put a Lego girl into the cockpit rather than a boy} hahaa

More goodies to share later.. off to enjoy some of this SUNSHINE!!! ;)

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