Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Just a little note to let you know that Im still here... just working a lot and when I get home just feeling like crapola thanks to those womanly whoas!

Anyway.. Things are going ok with the WLJ. Ive been watching what I eat, but still need to push the water. I havent taken the vitamins in a while either. I dont see a big huge difference except it did seem that they made me feel fuller in the mornings. Will just have to see. In an earlier post I know I told you guys that I thought I had probably gained back all the weight I lost. Well.... NO, good news I even lost a few more pounds. How. On. Earth. Did. That.Happen? hahaa.. Im happy about it.. but still in disbelief. Maybe its just smarter choices and less Pepsi?

Lastly for today.. I have several friends asking for your prayers.

Please pray for my friend Gina, as her father was diagnosed with brain cancer and has underwent surgery. I havent heard anything as of today, but yesterday she did say that they were able to remove 95% of the tumor and he could recognized the difference between Gina and her twin.. With that positive note.. Im sure they will continue to need more of our prayers for his hospital stay and everything he must endure.. and to the family that is keeping it together. Big hugs out to them!

Please say some prayers for my friend Miranda.. she sent me an email asking that I have anyone I know pray for her and her children. It seems there is some sort of child-support issues going on and family drama. If you have children or have been married and/or divorced you will know how important these issues can be and how they can effect the children. I pray that this goes fast for her and that her children understand the sacrifices that a Mother makes.. She has had her share the past year. She deserves better.

Please pray for my friend Lynn whose husband will be undergoing heart surgery this next week. He has some clotting issues and they are really worried he may have a stroke due to the stress from the surgery and the clotting. But it is something that has to be done to preserve his quality of life. I know that this man came into Lynns life for a reason and she would be so appreciative if he stayed a lot longer. Pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery please!

Im going to try to post some photos of our adventure last weekend when Preston and Rachel were up for a visit... and.. update on a few other things as well. Hang in there with me..

I'll be back! ;)


Amie said...

Rudy and Margee are doing great! She said It went just about as perfect as could be! So happy for Gina's whole family.

My hearts go out to your other friends too!

Jenn K said...

I am glad to hear your wlj is still going strong. Looking forward to your pictures. Have a great day!