Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy as a Bee~

Long time no talky talk huh?... Well I have several different things to cover in this blog so it may take a while.. sit a spell, and hopefully enjoy! hehe :)

1st} I hope that you will join
Creative Scrappers in their 2 year anniversary and celebration of their 100th sketch in the month of April! They have 40 guest designer reveals on Tues/Thurs., regular designer reveals on Sunday, a super huge blog hop and greatest of all TONS of prizes! So if you havent joined yet.. do so! psst. Im a guest designer ;) woot woot!

2} The WLJ is on hold. OHMYGOSH have I been bad. I know I have gained back a lot if not all of the 16 pounds I lost. I dont know, Im afraid to look. Ive tried to make good choices even though I knew I wasnt counting calories and tried not to eat out junk food or snack unless it was fat free. But still I have fallen. Im going to climb back up though. I have to! Have you seen the show Ruby?.. its on the Style Network. She and I weigh about the same right now. She is the sweetest thing from the south. She weighed close to 700 or more and lost lots.. and is still struggling. The other day I was watching the show and she said that if she does not journal and watch every calorie/fat gram that she takes in the weight comes back on. And boy can I relate! Im just exactly like that. Its hard knowing that you have to calculate every morsel that goes into your mouth. You just want to be normal. I want to be normal! ;(

3} Preston did it! He finally signed up for Law Enforcement Training @ Mizzou in Columbia, MO. I am sooo proud of him, but incredibly scared all at the same time. He is super nervous about it and doesnt seem to have a whole lot of folks supporting him so I am doing the best I can. Of course this makes me want to move even faster! I just feel like I need to be there for him! He starts in May and was the 20th student to sign up for this session. He is excited and insisting on paying for the whole thing himself.. I so admire him. Its going to be tough, so say a prayer for him if you will. This is something he has wanted since he was 3 years old. So proud!!!

4} Work... ahhh work. I have been working a lot of overtime again. Its the billing season. I did however get everything done and out on time. And it wasnt as stressful this time. I know that when the payments come in it will be stressing me some, but I plan to take some days off here and there to help with the stress. Starting with this Friday. Preston and Rachel are planning a trip up over her spring break. I cannot wait! I love having my boys home with me!

5} My friend
Cat and her husband Don came through Illinois on their vacation and spent the night with us. I love having her here and wished she could have stayed longer. We relaxed, ate good food and chit chatted and the next day she set up a photography shoot with Hunter. I cannot wait to see them and share them with you all! Sadly we had to say goodbye too soon. I hope that someday I can come visit her in Minnesota. She is like a best friend to me!!!

In other news... We are still planning on moving, its just a slow process, we have some things {cosmetic} that need to be done weather permitting then we will start advertising. The worst part is that it seems that every other house in this subdivision is for sale ;(. I am going to keep praying though. My goal is to end my job by July 31st. So we will see, this means I have to have a new job there by then. Im scared. Its been a long time since Ive had to do anything like this. This week Im going to do some blog catching up, applying for jobs and scrapbooking. I need to gear up for the CS fun fest.. woot woot. Wow, its going to be bussssyyyyy around the Dawson household.

I hope you have a great week too! ;o)


Kimmy said...

I loved Elizabeth BAnks gray dress too, all ruffley. I miss you. I'm scrapping again too and love sketches ya know :)

I did better going for low-cal items VS. low-fat items. You'll get there. It's all cold and makes you want hardy, comfort food ya know. Spring is coming and you get back in your groove.

Kimmy said...

will you email me the CS link? kimberly. mace (at) gmail (dot) com