Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Im in love~

I know.. blah blah blahhhh ... hahaa but its true.. I really do love my husband Todd so very much! I was just thinking how much I love this pic that we took from this past weekend while looking for Eagles on the Great River Road. I wish I hadnt been in the shadow so much, but its still pretty nice! What ya'll dont see.. is one of the things I love most about Todd-his humor... It had to be cut out of this photo... I didnt even know it, but he was grabbing my boob... the perv! hahaa ;)

In other news.. Went to the doc today ... and the verdict... bronchitis. Just in time it was caught said the doc or it may have turned into pneumonia, which is what Todd was sure I had. Believe it or not this morning I was feeling SO much better. Anyway, I was put on 10 days of antibiotics and hopefully in the next couple of days I'll feel EVEN better!

anndddd, in OTHER news.. remember that celebration that I was telling you about at Creative Scrappers???.... welllll guess what? They had over 170 people sign up and out of that- 80 were picked to be guest designers for April... andddd guess what???.... IM ONE OF THOSE 80!!!! Woot woot!!!! ;) Could this be the creative boost I needed?... Could this be my chance to return to the one obsession that has taken over my life and our extra bedroom?... Could it be???... We shall see... da da dahhhhhhh Im so happy and so honored!!! So stay tuned to CS via the blog and Facebook to see the reveal in April... its going to be amazing! ;o)


Amie said...

yay for you on the guest designer thing! You'll be great! So sorry you have bronchitis, but I'm glad you're feeling better. And as for your perv--my hubby is EXACTLY the same way!! Men!!

Kimmy said...

congratulations :) and glad youre already feeling better. my other computer bit the dust, so im on cliff's now-a-days.

sam is doing well, walking at 11 months, bday party at chik fil a, and still bald.

i miss you :)