Sunday, August 02, 2009

Home Collection~

by Febreze...

Today Im writing a lil post to share with you something that I came across in the House Beautiful magazine I rec'd yesterday in the mail. I cant tell you HOW I started getting that magazine, Im just glad that I did. I love it and everything new it shows me each time. And each time I come away with another idea or product that is a must try!

Today is no exception.. I found this new Home Collection by Febreze ... I particularly like the flameless luminaries! I totally love living in the dark aka cave.. living by only candle light in the evenings.. just makes me feel "homey" and while doing so hides cobwebs and dust ;) hahaa. I love that there are different styles and fragrances!

Here is what the website says about them..
Inspirational design and unique scent make the perfect combination for a refreshing atmosphere. The new Febreze Flameless Luminary accents your home with scent and style. It comes with decorative, scented shades you can change to let a flickering light shine through. Replace your scented shades with the latest scent and design every season of the year.

When you’re ready for a new look with a new scent, simply replace your current scented shade with a Flameless Luminary Refill in a scent and design combination you like. To replace it, just remove and discard the old shade and place your new scented shade on the base. Look for seasonal Flameless Luminary Refills in limited edition seasonal scents and styles. It’s more than decor, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Anyway, if you have tried one of these or are going to in the future please be sure to let me know what you think and I will do the same in return! Now.. get your shop on! ;)


Kimmy said...


heather said...

Woo these look pretty cool! I really like your blog. Your adventures are quirky and amusing. I am also very glad you enjoy my blog :)

Cheryl said...

Very pretty and I just love the smell - I haven't seen anything like this. Thanks for posting it.

Amie said...

looks pretty!

Angie said...

OOOOH AAAAAH, I think I really really need one of those luminaries. Hey if you ever came over to visit you would feel right at home in my dark, candle lit cave. ;p