Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of school jitters!~

Well not for me.. but for several lil chickies I know... My niece Mariah, my cousins daughter Kloee and Preston's girlfriend Rachel. This is Kloee's 2nd year so she has it downpat {altho, this is her first year being an RA}, but the other two.. this is their first year

... and I'm not going to lie.. I shed a tear or two for them both last night. I know it must be exciting yet scary as hell to be faced with a huge campus, be away from family and familiar things and "boyfriends" heheee.

I know they'll be fine.. I just feel for them. I've wished them luck and best wishes.. and pray they're in their element real soon!

I think poor Rachel is super homesick already and had some nauseating moments...but she says, thankfully for Preston she always feels hope. Now isn't that a nice thing to hear about your son?! I know he is a good person and will do whatever it takes to make that girl happy. And the biggest news yet this year from him.. something that shocked even me... he moved back in with his Dad to be closer to Rachel. I hope they treat him right.. Lord knows he deserves it. I know this is a big thing because Preston really has some issues with his Dad, but then again it may be a good thing so that they can work on their relationship some more. We'll watch and see.

I leave you with one of my fav pics of Preston and Rachel!Have a great 1st day of college... to you Rachel and to all of my lil chicks!!! ;o)


Cat said...

Wow! He moved? He sure loves her a lot! What a cute picture!

Angie said...

That picture is adorable. Good luck to all your chickies.

Kimmy said...

good lordy preston is cute. sorry momma angi, ill hush now. that is a sweet picture though :)

linda said...

What a cute picture, they make a really cute couple

Jenny B in Indy said...

Oh, how precious (the pic). When he's going off to school?