Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hello there.. so I told a big ass lie.. I have not scrapped a bit! I have the feeling I want, but I also feel like Im waiting on something.. what? Im not sure. ;( Anyway.. I did do these 2 cards last week, one for my Mom and one for my Dad, they both have Birthdays in August. So that is that. Lately Ive gotten all of my work done at work and just catching up on some extra little things and finally getting to work on the Policies and Procedures manual after 3 years. Well, it was my goal last year, but time just got away from me. I looked today and they hadnt been updated since 2004. Can you believe that?.. Crazy! After I get that done... it will be time again to start in on the next quarters billing. We did have a meeting a week ago about getting new software, but since have heard nothing about it. It seemed like a fantastic program and would make my life sooo much easier, but again.. havent heard a thing about it.

In other news.. Todd and I opened another savings account this week. We have lived paycheck to paycheck for sooo long. It feels good to do so, but I still have a couple little credit cards Id feel much better if paid off. That will all happen by April of next year. Whew! We are trying really hard to cut out eating out all the time. Not only are we spending our savings, we are not losing any weight by doing that. So far we are doing very well. Of course its only the 2nd week too. hahaa. But we are committed and thats what matters right?!

And lastly... with taking my lunch to work I found the most fantastic pudding. Swiss Miss Tapioca.. goood Lorday..it is delicious!!! Smooth, creamy and the vanilla is so tasty.. then you add the bursts of tapioca... YUM... total YUM!

And... I shall leave you with a few random pics we've taken lately.. and a fact.. I uploaded 144 photos for just June/July.. and that wasnt all really that I had.. but goodeness.. can you say addict? hahaaWe tried a new Mexican restaurant out... not good at all.. but we had fun time anyway!
Hunter wanted his toenails painted blue soooo bad.. His Dad wasnt too happy, but I thought what would it hurt?! He is just expressing his artistic side right?.. Im not worried.. and its blue for cryin' out loud! He was happy thats what makes me happy... and after all....He is still VERY much my lil rough and tough boy... one who has an amazing love for Lego people/aliens and monsters! hehee
and last but not least.. his self portrait.. the boy LOVES to take pics.. especially of himself! haa!
Have a great week ya'll! ;o)


Cheryl said...

What a great post, Angie!! Love your new pictures and your cards. You gotta get that mojo kicking, girl!! {{{Hugs}}}

Cat said...

Oh man, I love these pictures! VERY cute cards! Love that journaling spot!

Kimmy said...

I think blue is fine too. :) I too love your cards, especially the blue one!

Jenny B in Indy said...

YAY!!! Congrats on the savings acct and love the cards and pics!

Jenn K said...

Great cards and pictures.....I know what ya mean about eating out. It does sabatoge the diet for sure. I am just so darn lazy sometimes..I can't help but to eat out sometimes..HA! If I could have my own cook now that would be fantastic..Have a great day!!

Gina said...

LOVE the card with the cute little camper . . . is that a stamp?