Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cable De Charter and other mishaps~

Well.. we didnt go to get cable at Cable De Charter.. and boy oh boy were the boys mad! hahahaa. I tried to tell them that we were going to Fort De Chartres... of course they know Charter is our area cable company and I guess they just couldnt wrap their little minds around it. hahaaa Once we got there and they saw that it was a fort.. they were in awe! hahaa.

So yeah.. Saturday morning we got up and got ready and headed out for the drive to Prairie De Roucher where the Fort was.. it was built by the French in 1700's.. it was hot, it was neat and it was VERY quiet. There were only 2 other families there when we got the boys really got to run the place and explore. We also got some one on one time with one of the workers who told us some stories and background. It was a good experience.. and Im glad we went.. the boys had a great time as well. Here are some of my fav pics and the LINK to the others!

In other news... yesterday Todd and I both had our first experience with Hunter cutting himself bad enough we had to take Hunter to the doc ... He got a hold of my razor in the tub while taking a bath and commenced to shaving off the side and tip of his thumb. Poor kiddo. It took quite a hunk off and we just couldnt get it to stop bleeding and the more blood he saw the worse he screamed.

We got him dressed and our buns in the car and to the doc.. of course by the time we got there and the wait it had stopped bleeding and he was in better spirits. They cleaned it up and bandaged it up and we were on our way. He was pretty brave considering. So pain meds for the throbbing and stinging.. a new toy and breakfast out with Mom and Dad and he was feeling much better.

Todd did end up staying home with him. He kept saying his eyes were watering.. but I think he was just holding back his tears trying to be brave! I feel awful of course for leaving that stuff out where he could get it. I just never thought. Im so happy he didnt cut his lip/face as he said he did try shaving his face.. YIKES!

Yeah.. so my life has been crazy.. and that was after me staying home from work on Monday due to this crazy weird thing that is going on under my left ribs and the worst back cramping I think Ive ever experienced! I thought getting older would thwart those "girlie pains" .. I think not though.. geezh

I hope to work on some scrappy projects tonight as not much on TV. Ive gotten addicted to Big Brother and its taking up 3 nights of my week.. hahaa.. and Mondays is Intervention.. Im such a couch tator.. but after a long day at work all I want to do is veg sometimes.

I hope your week rocks..thanks for sharing mine! ;o)


Cheryl said...

Sorry you're having discomfort and yikes about Hunter cutting himself with your razor! They just have to play with everything, don't they? Yeah, I'm glad he didn't try to shave his face!

Looks like you guys had an awesome time at the fort and I loved looking at all of your pictures!!

You guys take it easy now, hear? You've got scrappin' to do, girl!!

Cat said...

That Fort looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad you took the boys! When we were talking the other day, I misunderstood and thought you said you DIDN'T have to take him in! POOR LITTLE GUY! I bet he was so scared.

Amie said...

way cool fort, yikes on the razor, and good luck on your girly pains!!

Kimmy said...

Okay this looks way cooler than what I was picturing in my mind when you told me you were going. It does look like they had fun :)