Friday, July 31, 2009


Last Friday night we ran down to Chester, IL. Home of Popeye. Its located on the border of Illinois and Missouri right along the Mississippi River. We have been going down there about once every 3-6 months to eat dinner there. They have a fabulous seafood buffet and its just quaint! You can find more information and history of why its the home of Popeye... here!

After all this time I decided I wanted to take some pics of the surroundings and although I didnt get the Bluto and Olive Oil statues I managed to get these shots. I love the one of the guys and their muscles. ;)

In other news.. Ive just been working hard and cleaning house like a maniac when I get home. I have lost my mojo to scrap or even shop. Now that is sad! But, Im hoping this weekend some of it can return as I do have tons of projects to do. And a wedding gift that will be late as of tomorrow. ;( ... So hopefully the next time I check in I'll have some more stuff of interest and a bigger, craftier post! Take care and have a great weekend!!!

... and dont forget to eat your spinach!!! ;o)


Cat said...

VERY CUTE! Off to check out the links!

Kimmy said...

i love the one of them and their muscles too! i hate spinach though, well, not spinach dip.

Amie said...

I Loooove spinache dip...does that count?