Thursday, July 09, 2009

What a week!~

What a week ya'll... seriously! Im super worn out. Im just plum tired! I came home tonight and slept for a couple hours before bed. I just feel yuck. Ive had this nasty cough for 2 days.. its all that darn sinus drainage... but it makes me feel yucko!

Justice is going home tomorrow. Poor lil fella cried in my arms tonight. I just dont know what to do ya know. He wants to spend more time with me, but lives so far away. Its hard for him to understand the whys and hows to all of it and I hate not being able to make his hurt go away. I just hug him tight, tell him I love him no matter what and Im here if he needs me. I dont know what else to do. I pray every night for his happiness and hope that him just knowing I love him will help make him through the sad times.

This week I got to see my Mom.. she and her husband were in for a short visit. She actually spent the afternoon with me, by herself which doesnt happen often. Crazy that we didnt have much to talk about really. ;( I just feel so distant in comparison to the way we used to be back in the day. I guess we just arent "that" close anymore. Sad.

Well, I dont know about you, but Im looking forward to the weekend. I think some retail therapy should do this girl good. I need to get my nails done and thought Id look for a new purse or pair of brown flip flops and get some new scrappy stuff. Id like to catch up on some scrapping too. I think I should be able to fit some creative time in there somewhere.. ;)

How bout you? What are you doing this weekend?


Amie said...

We have a couple of basketball games, a baby shower (I still need to buy the gift) and I might take the hubster on a date. Not sure where though. Any ideas?

It does sound like you had a busy week! Those are fun but exhausting, right?

Cat said...

Hey Angi babe! I am taking all the Transition Program kids to the MN Zoo tomorrow. Sunday is meeting, then OFF!!!! YAY!

Jemma said...

well i for one cant wait to see what you come up with this weekend!!!