Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vintage Goodeness!~

ok.. so I grew up with these kind of things.. vintage* pillowcases, quilts and sheet sets... so I dont think much about them.. but this day and age.. everyone wants them... collectors are bringing them out and using, displaying and even upcycling them.

It just so happened that this past weekend I went to a garage sale of the little ol' neighbor man Ike that passed away and was able to find 7 pillowcase sets in all. I also found a crocheted blanket. Its so frilly and heavy. And just beautiful!...

I got to looking and googling vintage pillowcases and kept coming up with them being used as dresses for little girls. Heck I even found a skirt for a smaller {up to size 8} adult woman posted in Etsy. Oh and I also found them used purses. I cant stop thinking how cute these would be for all my lil nieces out there..

one problem.... well maybe two... I dont have a sewing machine and I dont know how to sew! So until I find someone who can, Im just going to hang onto these finds and see what happens... maybe I'll give it a hand try whirl. It wouldnt hurt to be crafty. Im going to practice on a plain one first. haha.

Here is a link to a pattern and a view of the dresses and purses Im speaking of!
Maya*Made and jennyrebel via etsy

Here are the pillowcases I got.. wouldnt they be so pretty as dresses.. or even purses?!

and last but not least the blanket I spoke of... I just love the detail!!!

Needless to say the search is on to find someone who would make some for me for a small fee or trade or try on my own! ;o)

Hope your week has been good.. I hope to post more after this coming weekend!


Cat said...

OOOOOH! Those orange ones! DYING!!!!

linda said...

Very pretty..

Angie said...

I love all that stuff tooo. Lots of eye candy on this post. ;)

Kimmy said...

On Etsy there is this thing called Alchemy, it is listed on the left hand side of the front page once you scroll down a wee bit. Anyways, you can describe what you want made and the price you're willing to pay and someone will do it for you there that is looking to make money.

I wish they had grown-up pillowcase dresses! I saw some plus-size pillowcase grown up lady shirts. Here's the link to that:

Although, I did find them a wee bit overpriced in my opinion, but I am also pretty cheap.