Saturday, July 11, 2009

Turtle Land!~

Yesterday was a pretty sad day for me.. but there was one highlight {ok maybe two, but the other is non-important to this story}...

I had to take Justice over to St.Louis to the Zoo to meet his step-mom Amy and her Mom for the day. I got there about a half hour early so Justice and I went across the highway to Turtle Park. Ive always seen this park but never been! We didnt get to see all of it, but took these quick photos and got to have a little chat about "divorced families" .. never easy. But at least we did have some fun and that is probably going to outweigh or at least I hope any negative that was going on at that moment!

I cant wait to go back and get more pics with a real camera-not the phone! haha ;)

OH NOOOO the turtle has Justice!!!

I must put down this camera and go save him!!!!

Ahhh.. Justice was freed and reigned VICTORIOUS!!!

Have a great weekend, say a few prayers and go climb a turtle! ;o)


Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

thanks for sharing your photos...I am not sure what is going on with your son(I think) but you sound sad about it all, I am sorry for that...I have said a prayer for the situation. I hope there are many happy days to come for you!

I am offering blog candy on my blog, check it out!

enjoy *~*

Amie said...

wow that's amazing!

Cat said...

What a cool turtle!!!

I'm glad you guys got to talk some....I hope he understands he's not guilty and that you all still love him very much.