Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Its all about ME today~

Totally-Today was a ME day. I took control of the morning and decided that it was going to be about ME today... no one else! I took the day off, slept til noon.. hung out in my jammies... and curled up with a box of kleenex and watched this AWESOME movie. I am a huge fan and am soooo glad I waited until it came out on video to see it. I sobbed, I laughed.. wow. It was just good to have a good movie to watch on my ME day.. all alone. If Id been in the theatre, Im afraid Id have made a huge scene, blubbering and all... and then have to go out in the daylight after having bawled all my makeup off. hahaa. Thank the good Lord for a caring family to understand that sometimes a girl just needs a day. I hope that my boss will feel the same when I return to work tomorrow! hehee... Tonight, a sneak peek at my birthday present.. I can barely wait! Have a great week!


Cheryl said...

I'm so happy that you got to have a special day!! We all need a day like this - glad yours was wonderful!!

Carol A. said...

Oh yes sweetie...we all needs days like this and I am so glad you enjoyed your wonderful day. Wasn't the movie just fabulous...I just watched it this past weekend and loved it!