Friday, October 24, 2008

Is anybody out there?~

I tell ya.... I am so freakin' tired ya'll. Just tired of trying to keep up. But Im going to keep on pushing.. get through Halloween and it will get better. Ive definitely been a busy girl. I think once I get to work I can take a break, but then lo and behold work gets busy.. imagine that... hahaa At night we have been trying desperately to have family dinner time, clean up our messes and put things back in their place. Its rough, a new puppy a 3yr old. I sure do miss my stay-at-home-mom days. ;) I think we have a handle on the laundry finally and are about ready to get these dang carpets shampoo'd. Im preparing also for a small party on Halloween night. Mostly with the folks we work with and family. I cant wait. We got the place pretty spooked out and then we'll fix chili, hotdogs and have a fire in the pit. Im thinking of making jello shots as well. I just love parties but I do find myself stressing a bit. Its all good though. We'll make it and it will be a great time! ;)
Tomorrow Im off with Hunter to take a trip back home to surprise Justice at his last soccer game of the season. If he wins he will play a 2nd game for the Championship. Im so proud of him, I hear he is doing awesome this season. He did well last season and was on the Champion team so I have no doubt that he'll manage that once again. After we get done with the games Im taking him to lunch and then we'll go by my brothers to check out the newest addition to his family J.R. I cant wait to see him and take photos. I got Hunters closet gone through and have 5 boxes of clothes from 3 months to 3T to take to them. Once we have visited with the new baby we will go out to my Dads house where Preston is now living and spend the evening with Preston. He was so excited to know that we were coming. He had been grocery shopping and made a meal plan even. I think thats just the sweetest thing! He asked us to spend the night so Im sure we will and then head back Sunday. Todd is loving this time, he will be hanging out and deer hunting all weekend. Hopefully he will get the trim down in the kitchen. You know.. Ive been really thinking and praying lately... I just feel so blessed. I may not live in a mansion, I may not have the things others have.. but I have a loving family and a cozy HOME. Im very lucky!{Just had to share}
Anyway, this is why Ive been kinda on the down low lately. Just b-u-s-y!
What are you up to? Have a great weekend!!!

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