Friday, October 03, 2008

Holy Card Making Maddness~

Are you ready?... This weekend marks the celebration of card making around the world. What will YOU be doing?Im gearing up today preparing some sketches for Crazy 8's and will also be joining in the fun over at Creative Scrappers. I hope to get a LOT accomplished this weekend. I have several layouts Id like to do up as well. This week with the weather change Ive just been so exhausted. At night I come home, we do dinner and then by 9pm we are heading to sack out! hehe.

On to October happenings~
This weekend also starts the deer hunting season for my husband. Talk about a fanatic. He loves it and I have to admit his excitement is kind of contagious. Im however, a little worried about Hunter... he is such a Daddys boy. He wants to be with him. So Ive devised a little plan to help I hope and have him use his imagination as well so that he will miss Daddy just a bit less.. or at least distract him from the beginning.

This morning I talked to Preston.. Im so amazed with this kid and scared for him all the same. He is ready to and looking into renting his first place ever. I spoke with his Grandpa this morning and he is really wanting Preston to come there and live with him and take care of the farm while he is wintering in Arizona. I hope Preston will take this opportunity. He could use some peace and this would be perfect. Also with the gas prices he would decrease his drive to work in half. Who doesnt love that. It sure would do this Mommas heart good if he was near someone who I knew was looking after his best interest.

Im also gearing up for the birth of my new nephew.. he is set to arrive on the 19th, but I have a feeling he will be showing up sooner. I hope so.. because Im planning a trip back home to see Justices soccer game on the 18th, so with this fun day playing with a new nephew would rock too.
What are the kids going to be for Halloween? ... Well I think we finally have it all worked out... hahaa. Justice has decided on Ben 10.. but really I ask him.. he looks like a normal boy all techno-gadgeted out ahahaa... which is just like Justice. Hunter has decided not to be *Crazy Bones* and has instead decided that hed like to be Hunter-the Hunter. Wearing all camo and carry his bb gun {will be a toy}. Im excited for them. We are also planning a small party for afterwards. Love this season!
Whats new in your world-Whats on your agenda for October??
... Have a super FALL weekend! ;)


Cat said...

Oh boy! Did I know there was going to be a new nephew? How fun!

I hope Preston takes the opportunity to stay at your Dad's. That'd be a perfect way for him to save some money!

Hunter the hunter sounds cute! What is Ben 10 exactly!?

linda said...

I need to get some cards made this week. Hunter the hunter sounds so cute.. hey do me a favor and email me your mailing address so that I can put you on my christmas card list..