Monday, October 13, 2008

Come sail away~

Happy Columbus Day.. to those of you who celebrate and are lucky enough to get the day off. To my surprise, Justice had school today. He told me it would be a fun day though because they were going to be studying all about Christopher Columbus! Then he asked me if I could name the 3 ships that Columbus sailed to America in. ..... uhhhh YES, of course I remembered... but goodeness let me tell you if you do not use it... you will lose brain cells!!! hahaa. I just think its cool. Sometimes I wish I could go back to school. This time though I think Id really listen better!
Update on Ruby: She is doing real well, trying to get adjusted to life with us and Kitty. haha. She loves to jump and play. Its so funny to see her jump in mid-air and turn completely around when she hears a noise that startles her. She has had a couple accidents, but thats to be expected I suppose. Soon she'll have it down. She is very loving and just lets Hunter lug her around and hug on her. Its so sweet. He also enjoys taking her outside... which Im sure will get old soon. haha. Lets hope not, I know he is an animal lover like his Daddy!
I hope to get some scrap time in this week. I so feel the need to create. Enjoy YOUR week!

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Angie said...

I'd like to go back to school too and this time I'd pay attention LOL.