Thursday, October 02, 2008

Happy Happy October~

Oooo there is a bit of a nip in the air!!! I LOVE IT!!! ... Today it was quite chilly.. We all dressed in jeans and long sleeve tshirts! Hunter still wore his flip flops though.. he sooo needs new shoes! hehe. Tonight that is on our agenda.. new tennis shoes for him and his reward for following his chore chart all week. He only got 2 bad marks for Monday and Tuesday, but since has worked real hard. We can tell a difference at least in attitude. Next week we are changing the behavior of saying Please/Thank you to Eating at the table/Eating veggies and meat. He does it at the sitter but refuses at our house unless its chicken nuggets or something like that. So he told me the other day he wanted to be tall, since he hadnt grown any since March. I told him.. eat your 4 food groups {explained what they were and how they were important} and he would get tall. Last night he declared that he'd just rather be the same size forever. hahahaaaa. I said well, I guess you wont ever want to ride a rollercoaster or ride a motorcycle.. hmmm I think he'll think on that one a while! hahaa Anyway, we asked him what he'd like for a reward for getting good marks all week and he said he wanted an Army Man... not like the little ones that he has TWO packages of now. He wants a tall one, like G.I. Joe. So last night we surfed the net and he found the one he wants. Commando Flint! So along with the shoe shopping will be on the hunt for Flint! I'll have to mention to him that Flint got so tall and strong by eating his veggies and all the other lil Army men didnt ... heheee
Enjoy October my friends and enjoy the change in weather and leaves ... and ultimately ourselves! ;)

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